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NOMADOMA -A world of discovery in Japan's heartland

A world of discovery in Japan’s heartland

At NOMADOMA, sharing is our philosophy. Sharing culture, knowledge, experience, food, fun–it’s why we’re committed to building bridges that connect people all over the globe. It’s the whole reason we began our unique experiment here in the misty peaks of western Japan.

But what is NOMADOMA? In a nutshell:

-A place that provides long-term guest accommodations for those who want to experience authentic Japanese country living, far off the tourist track.

-A place for cultural exchange and community enrichment, where visitors can interact with local residents through a wide range of activities. Whether it’s a handmade tofu-pressing workshop, an exhibition of original manga art, or an evening of live music and storytelling, our events form new friendships across backgrounds and borders.

-A place where the mountains and sea meet. Enjoy Daisen’s abundant nature by bouldering, hiking, cycling, fishing, and surfing–all in one day, if you like!

-A place featuring amenities like top-notch onsen and Daisen-G Beer, voted “World’s Best” by the World Beer Awards.

All of this in one place: NOMADOMA of Daisen, Tottori Prefecture. Selected as one of Japan’s most beautiful locations by CNN.

Located near the base of sacred Mt. Daisen, NOMADOMA offers guest residence in a spectacular “castle-like” design. Spacious kitchen, living room and dining area make for a comfortable stay. Work area tailored for technology, complete with state-of-the-art printer, projector, and Wifi service. Monthly rent as low as ¥25,000 (plus utilities).

NOMADOMA must be seen to be believed. Come join us in our experiment–we hope to share our special corner of Japan with YOU!


Xue Feng, a 26-year-old freelance graphic designer originally from Harbin, China; currently based in Toronto, Canada. Working via laptop as she travels around East Asia.

Xue-San, you’ve been in Japan a few times. Where else have you travelled so far?

“I went to to Tokyo, Nara, and Nagoya, and a smaller place called Kariya three or four years ago. This is my third time to Japan, exploring the southern part of the country. This time, I went to Osaka, Hiroshima City, Onomichi, Fukuoka, and Nara.

The place I’ve stayed longest is Daisen-cho, roughly three weeks. I stayed two weeks in Onomichi and Naha. I don’t have a tight schedule for travel. If I like a place, I stay. If not, I move on.”

So it seems you like the Daisen area then?

“Very suitable for living. More nature for me equals more happiness. In my case, as a designer, the old saying that “nature is the source of inspiration” really works well. It’s a good flow of energy here. And I think in Japanese folklore, there are tons of kami–gods in the mountains. Here I’m surrounded by the mountains and the ocean. Everywhere you see is green. You see nature, you hear nature.

I really enjoy working in Nomadoma’s office. Every time I look out the window, it’s rice fields and endless green. I picked up drawing again, I just have the urge to draw stuff. The sound of wind, mushi, frogs, birds… All nice. For sure I can concentrate on my work. I’m more focused.”

Are you working during your stay at Nomadoma?

“Yes, I do work and experiment with other stuff here. I just had a handmade tofu-making session with the locals yesterday. There are so many activities going on, and locals are very easy to make friends with. Neighbors sometimes come here to say hi, or bring some local-grown veggies for us. I like this kind of feeling–a small community where everyone knows each other. Here it’s a strong bond.”

Natural interaction with residents as a visitor?

“There is no clear division between visitor and resident, I feel. Nothing staged for tourists, not the planned “tourist” activities. Very casual, natural.”

So you got a look at traditional heartland culture first-hand? Not something most foreign visitors get to experience, I think.

“Not at all. I think most of them haven’t heard of Tottori-ken before.”

Sort of an untraveled path. Is that appealing to travelers?

“For sure, this part of Japan is not written about in travel guides. I think for travelers, it’s an unknown place for them to explore. I think it depends on what they’re looking for. If they want to see the side of Japan with giant electronic stores, endless gift shops, and large amounts of heavily-decorated “kawaii”-style girls, maybe Tokyo is the place to go. If they want to experience the real, down-to-earth Japanese way of country life, then Daisen-cho is the place.”

How about food?

“Seems like everyone is good at cooking. I sometimes got invited to parties, like a few days ago when I went to the village leader’s BBQ party. I love the neighbors’ BBQ. Food… shiitake is good. And handmade konnyaku. So much better than the supermarket ones. Daisen milk… 21st-century pears… giant green onions… the list goes on and on.

There’s also a fish market at the port, easy access. I hated fish before, but after I tried the really fresh ones there, it totally changed my perception. Now I started eating fish and trying a lot of kinds. It’s a really big change for me!”

You got to the fish market… without a car or train?

“Oh, yes. Mountains and ocean are close to each other. Nomadoma is in a good location in-between. It’s very easy to get around by bicycle. Very nice view, and it took less than six minutes to reach the port.”

What do you like about living at Nomadoma?

“Most guest houses I’ve stayed in seem mainly interested in money. But Nomadoma is a place for people to interact, to learn and share. It has a huge living room and kitchen for everyone. The structure is a beautiful space to hang out in.

Also, the staff here are amazing. Very yasashii. For example, they know I love tofu… so Yabu-chan, the manager, asked the locals to show me how to make it. I’ll climb Mt. Daisen soon with other Nomadoma staff, too. They are friends to me now, not job titles.”

One question of great personal interest–how did you like Daisen-G Gambarius?

“I went to Daisen-G Beer for sure! I’m really surprised it’s only ten bucks for all-you-can-drink, especially considering the beer was voted World’s Best! The food was super good too.”

Sounds like you hold Daisen and Nomadoma in high esteem. Will you visit here again? And where will you stay?

“For sure! I want to live here! Nomadoma is my second home!”


Address: 56-2 Monzen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
* 15 minutes walk from Nawa station on JR Sanin Main Line.


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